The last process of the project is post-production.

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The Perfect Selfie

As a group, we thought it would be a good idea to test out trying to create the ‘perfect’ selfie ourselves as primary research. Below is the results.

An experiment to test how long it takes to get the perfect selfie on Snapchat, the group timed how long it took each person to take the photo. In thought of the film, where we look to incorporate the ‘selfie’ into it, we decided that we wanted to use filters in order to highlight the element of ‘facade’.

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Facebook and it’s effects on users

Above is a link to an article by the BBC explaining the effects prolonged use on Facebook has on its users. It is interesting to read how such a popular networking platform can influence the lives of people negatively, when really it was created so that people could engage in conversations with friends and family.

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