Degeneration on The Whereabouts of Present-time Photography

One day, I was at the Waterstone’s in Harrow with my sister because she was checking out a book there. As she was browsing through it, I decided to roam around and look at the different sections upstairs. Deciding to check the arts section, within the Photography section I was astounded to encounter a book I wouldn’t’ve thought would be in the Photography section!


It was no other than Kim Kardashian’s book, titled “Selfish”.
(I may link this book here to Amazon but I’m not suggesting you should buy it. If anything, frankly I don’t want any of you to buy it at all costs but I do recommend checking the review section on the Amazon site if you want to laugh at something)
It wasn’t that it was Kim K that was there that surprised me but the fact it stated “selfie” on the front made me look at the book in a weird way with a thought along the lines of, “Hold on a minute. This is a thing now within photography??????????”

(Reading on, you will find some NSFW content as well so read at your own risk please.
I apologise in advance but the writer may be crude at times as this goes to show how serious they are writing about this particular book.)

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The Perfect Selfie

As a group, we thought it would be a good idea to test out trying to create the ‘perfect’ selfie ourselves as primary research. Below is the results.

An experiment to test how long it takes to get the perfect selfie on Snapchat, the group timed how long it took each person to take the photo. In thought of the film, where we look to incorporate the ‘selfie’ into it, we decided that we wanted to use filters in order to highlight the element of ‘facade’.

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