This project focuses on the theme of Facade, derived from the painting “Morning” (1926) by Dod Procter.

There are many ways to interpret what a ‘Facade’ is but in our response, we will be looking more closely towards the social ‘Facade’ deceived in our virtual lives. Subconsciously, we create a persona in order to be perceived in such a way by a certain audience within social media from a fear of pressure to fit into society. There are many ways in which we deceive ourselves from who we really are and do minor mundane things in order to ‘impress’ others or to get certain people to think of you a certain way but in the end, they distract us from who we really are.

People in this group are as follows:

  • Rob Brook (Director)
  • Laura Bright (Producer)
  • James Codling (1st Assistant Camera)
  • Elanor Clarke (Primary Researcher)
  • Yue Hin Joshua Cheng (Web Developer)
  • Baian Chen (Editor)