Production Day

After a couple of days of planning, we decided to shoot on the Friday.

Upon the meeting we had before, we noticed a spot in the library that looked nice to use.
There was a particular area within the centre that had seats and a really bright light opposite and we thought that could work as a lighting for our video.
Trying to ask for permission to film in the library, staff at the desk told us to ask a particular person the day after.
Having met up as a group to film on Friday, we tried asking for permission but it was a really quick rejection.
With little to no hope, we decided one of the main important things to do first is to arrange in obtaining the equipment to shoot. The equipment we borrowed for filming was: A Film Camera (Canon XF205); A Boom Microphone; A Lighting Stand; and A Tripod.
Along the way, we decided to ask for advice to find a place that is quiet and we were allowed to shoot in as well. Directing us to yet another person, they then gave us permission to use one of the meeting rooms upstairs The Forum until 5PM so we were blessed with this room.

The room was well lighted, with some of the sun in the distance shining in to create a natural lighting. Although there was a natural lighting coming, we still decided to use the lighting stand as although the room was well lit, it seemed a bit too dark for our liking. As this video is to do with selfies, we thought the lighting could help with people taking the selfies along with the balancing of light and dark in the room. This lighting was placed opposite the area of the subject and towards the left from where they face to balance the amount of light hitting their faces as they sit down.
With the hired equipment, along with other important things such as the mac, it took around 30 minutes to set up. Testing time was also necessary as well in order to see about setting up the film camera along with the framing of the video against the subject in how we desired the video to look in the end.
At one point, we had one group member sit down as a few others adjusted the positioning of the frame. At first, the subject was put in the middle of the frame but then we remembered about the way in which the ‘Fine Bros’ did their reaction videos.
We thought it’d be better to place the subject towards the left of the screen in order to clip in a video of the screen-grabbed video without cutting off any of the subject.

After getting all the preparations out of the way, we waited for people to arrive. Permission was granted by these people in being used as part of the filming and were explained that these videos are not for use commercially and for distribution to third parties.
Upon having the first person arrive, we had a strategy where we had less people within the room as filming was in progress. This way, there was less interference of noise towards the production of the shooting. Most of us would keep quiet but it was only a countermeasure in case anyone coughed or sneezed or anything in order to lessen the chance of having to spend more time in the post production stage editing out the noises.
Within the room, we kept three people from our team: Rob was on the audio supervising it along with the boom mic; James was on the cameras and supervised recordings that was done on the film camera and on the mac for the screen-grabbed video; and Ellie stayed in to explain to the person coming in about what they have to do, giving more of a context to them whilst supervising the person as well.
During the recording, Ellie would instruct the person to take the 10 second selfie and to then go onto the Snapchat for the next selfie whilst asking questions about their choices for shots and questions along the lines of whether they like the shots or not. In some instances, the other two may also join as well in asking questions.
Every person who turned up arrived at different times so quite a bit of waiting around was done in the production but in the end, we managed to get quite a few recordings from different people.

Since the beginning and where our journey started into discovering Procter’s ‘Morning’, the first thing that started from it was the use of light within the painting.
Initially, we wanted to create an idea that correlates with that factor but now, lighting has become a fairly minor thing within where our piece goes now.
The main focus of the piece has trailed from lighting over to selfies, from Depression to Facade.
With the tutorial we had, it was a good thing that our idea was shot down and that we are able to have produced today’s filming as if we carried on going through with the original plan, we would’ve had a frustrating time in the end.