The last process of the project is post-production.

There were many complications in being able to do any post-production at all. Going around the university, we tried finding editing suites and there was a free one. Trying to put the recordings onto Final Cut Pro, they came up as a unidentifiable file so with the help of one of the technicians, they stated that we used movie file format .MXF and quite a few systems can’t read these files.
Upon recording, we used the wrong format for filming but luckily, there are some systems that were able to read these files.

With none of the rooms available in a different block, we decided to start the editing in the library. Within that first session of post-production, we had 5 samples of videos and once we reviewed the recordings, 2 of them were picked out to use in the final outcome.
A basic edit was put together in order to correlate the film with the screen-grabbed video.

The day after, we went to the 2nd floor as we wanted to work in a quiet place so that we could focus more on editing the clips.


Starting out at 3 minutes long, we decided to cut out a lot of sections that didn’t seem to pike any interest and fast forwarded sections where there is the timer countdown of 10 seconds.
A lot of the points seemed to be quite important and little by little, we cut down on some of the information that wasn’t as important as the main point we wanted to convey.
Alterations were made as to how we wanted to present the whole video to others. There was a discussion as to how maybe Ellie’s voice didn’t seem to be good for the film and that we had added a title explaining the task that involved in the project.
Although Ellie instructing the person in the video was deemed a good thing and how it brings context to the audience as well, this was replaced with a title sequence.
A special typewriter effect with the SFX of it was used when presenting the task as well.
With the silence seeming awkward, a backing track was added to the clip in order to enhance the feeling of the piece and give it a contemporary ambience to it. In a sense, it is fairly reminiscent of the backing tracks that teenagers use for YouTube tutorial videos.
We thought about adding credits as well, which was when we really then decided on our main roles as during this whole project, no one was really strict about what they did and everyone did anything. Towards the end, each one of us did seem to have a main role, which you can find on the about page.

The day after, post-production was still in process and it seemed that maybe the clip was a bit too linear and how it showed the process for one person and then just went to the other person after that.
A new edit was created and we went back to the sources and pointed out the way ‘Fine Bros’ had clipped their videos with how it switched from person to person on certain scenes and it didn’t show one person and then another person.
Another discussion was included in how maybe the ambient background noise didn’t affect too much of the clip. As there is a backing track to accompany the clip, the background noise won’t be noticeable.
A vital change we did to the new edit was to have Ellie’s instruct the person on what to do. In the end, there’s no text involved to keep the flow consistent.
From the first edit to the new one, some of the structure had changed in what was said but we kept all the important things in as well.

Although there was some debates on how the video will be edited, the new edit really puts together a sense of the research we looked into in terms of the contextualisation and examples of similar video clips as well.