Brainstorming final ideas

After our last meeting in the Library, where we tested out putting un-edited selfies with edited selfies onto social media, we began brainstorming ideas for the final piece.

The selfie experiment involving social media was interesting to see what responses the photos got in comparison with one another. In some cases, the un-edited selfies, which were only allowed 10 seconds and one shot, received a greater response by friends and family than the edited versions; which was a surprising outcome.

The test of the two selfies was interesting. The responses gained by the group differed immensely. We decided to take 2 selfies, however restricting certain elements in order to test the outcome. For the first selfie, we were only allowed to use the 10 second preset, one shot and no edits. It was a fresh-faced selfie. The second selfie, we used the popular Snapchat app where we had unlimited time, multiple shots if desired and all kinds of edits and filters.

I wrote down the responses that people felt when putting up the two selfies and here they are;

(Laura) ‘I was more confident putting up the one with the filter, 100%. The bags under my eyes had gone and my skin looked better.’

(Ellie) ‘I found it more difficult to take a serious selfie because I don’t usually do that. There was too much pressure and I didn’t like the end product.’

(James) ‘I didn’t want to upload the photo without a filter, but with the filtered photo I felt a lot more confidence as I had edited it to how I wanted it to look.’

(Josh) ‘I could never take a serious selfie because I don’t have enough confidence with my actual face. All my selfies are humorous but with a filter, I can make my face funnier.’

Following on from the experiment, we liked the idea of comparing two selfies together. We had previously discussed connecting a mobile phone to a laptop in order to receive a live feed of a selfie being taken. We tested this out in the Library and we all liked the outcome.


Here, we can see how the live feed appears to the viewer. By hiding the laptop screen from the person taking the selfie, we thought that a more natural response from the person would be achieved.

A member from our group, mentioned a Youtube channel that our work reminded her of. It is called ‘Fine Bros’ react videos. This sparked us to develop our live feed video idea.


Incorporating the live feed idea, we suggested filming the person taking the selfie, positioned on the main screen (where the girl is sitting in the video) and the live feed taken from the phone, as snapshot in the right hand corner. We would project the selfie in the box in the corner and then screen grab the outcomes next to one another.

We thought about incorporating the selfie experiment we did with the 10 second selfie and the snapchat selfie; that way we could convey which selfie people preferred and why.

In the time that we have for the film, 90 seconds or less but no more; we had to think about how many people we could incorporate. We chose 5 people to use for our social experiment and then would narrow it down to possibly 3.