A Fresh Start

So, a fresh start… After our second tutorial meeting, it became evident that the group wasn’t 100% passionate about the concept of making a video targeting the theme of ‘depression’. We found that our ideas lacked clarity, and this was emphasised with the unclear ‘development section’ on the blog. Not only this, we discovered that the research collected on the idea of depression was in a way too ‘generic’ and the information posted on the blog wasn’t research that was new to us as media consumers. So with Julie’s advice, a few disagreements and stress; we have decided to take on board this feedback and change our theme.

Having spent the last day going back to the drawing board and coming up with alternative ideas, we have decided to base our project on the concept of ‘facade’. This decision came about after we asked the group what we initially thought when we looked at the painting  ‘Morning’, which shows Cissie Barnes balancing her arm in a dramatic fashion. Through a mind map the group created, we branched off lots of new ideas and found that the idea of ‘facade’ was a collective decision. From that, we began brainstorming ideas that link to facade and one idea we all thought about was social media. Social media is at the forefront of our lifestyles and is something we can all relate to. Yesterday we went back to Julie and presented our new idea/concept and it was decided that this will work well. Finally!

One person within the group noticed how with the arm that Barnes had up in her pose, no one would naturally have their arm up for that long. As this is a painting, it would’ve taken a long time to compose so having Barnes’ arm up for a long time lead us to think that there is a deception of what she is really like as this painting could be a constructed setting, as opposed to something that’s supposed to be natural.

The group met again last night in the Library to discuss where we go to next. We came up with ideas/ themes to research and we are now working hard to gather contextualising research and progress to a final piece.