Interview Questions

With the idea of having an interview within the outcome through the last meeting, we decided to do a recording with the person who gave us permission (Who we’ll call J as in previous posts, it was fairly inconvenient calling them ‘that person’).
A short 4 question interview was created with general questions to do with depression. As the final piece will be a maximum of 90 seconds, it would be dangerous to turn this interview into a full blown documentary.

But also because we decided it seemed slightly cliché and uninteresting having a person in the visuals, we didn’t think about recording any footage yet as the audio is the current priority in the project.
With the visuals though, in terms of the research we looked into to do with the painting and such, it is just as important. But before J leaves, we decided to record as soon as possible or else it’d be harder to gain recordings.
There was a compromise that maybe we could just get someone else to record the interview for us but we felt it would be more authentic recording J as these are their answers and sometimes different people have different manipulations of dialogue shown to them so we didn’t risk asking someone else to record for us.

Below are the questions created along with the replies given to us by J:

How would you define depression?

You feel very low and anxious about everything. It affects you mentally, emotionally and to an extent physically too. You feel a lot of weight within you. You feel very negative about everything. For me I couldn’t stop crying, I cried at least once a day and up to five times a day maximum over my problems. It can last for hours. You don’t feel motivated to do anything and just want to hide from everyone and everything. I had lost a lot of weight too.

When did you become aware of this in your life?

The first time I became aware was around 14-15years old. Then I went back into it when I was around 18years old. Then the most recent time I fell back into depression was around 3-4weeks ago. I guess since I’ve had quite a bit of experience I’ve managed to identify the problem quicker this time.

In what ways did you deal with it?

During depression I wouldn’t talk to anyone since I didn’t think anyone could help me or understand my thoughts and feelings without being judged. I would sit and overthink for hours and cried a lot. I would go days without eating.

Did having depression shape your life in anyway, or give you a different perspective on the world around you?

At first I was very negative about everything and didn’t understand how to cope or get out of certain situations. I felt like everyone was against me, so family, friends, aquanteinces, strangers. I hated everything. But after a while I started to recognise my behaviour and emotions. I started to realise the only person ‘depression’ was effecting the most was me. So I picked myself up one day and decided it was time for change. I started reading more- especially self help books, took myself off social media, and concentrated on myself. I realise how powerful the mind can be. The world I once hated in my mind has changed into sometime I’m trying to embrace in a wholehearted and positive way.

(All answers were passed along to J and were all typed by them before the recording took place so all the answers here are all pasted from J’s actual answers with no proofreading and editing to sustain their words as they are)