Editing Recordings

Through the weekend, a set of questions were quickly crafted and answered by J.
Right after those questions were answered, a recording took place.


We tried using a mic somebody had with them to try and record with as the technicians are closed on weekends.


Through desperate attempts to get the mic to work on Adobe Audition and Logic Pro, the mic didn’t seem to want to cooperate with us so we ended up in a sticky situation.


We asked a flat mate if they had a mic available and they let us borrow this mic.
In order to use the mic though, we had to download an application on an iPod Touch titled RØDE Rec and use that in order to do our recording.

Within the process of recording, only the recorder and J were in a room as if there were more people in the room, one may end up doing something that interferes with the recording, e.g. sneezing, coughing, making some kind of noise in the background by mistake and etc.
Very luckily, none of the other flatmates were being noisy down the corridors so the recording went well without any interference.
In the way the recording was done, no special tools as such, except the mic, and covering of anything for a clearer audio was done and a literal mic recording was done with J.


With all the recordings done on the application, these files were transported over to a system drive as a WAVE file and was also put on a media file sharing website to distribute to everyone else in the group so everyone has a backup copy of the audio as well as putting it on other harddrives and flashdrives as such.


After the audio files were distributed, the files were then put on to Logic Pro in order to manipulate the recordings to give it a telephone effect.


As of recently, the whole recording has been completed with this effect whilst mainting a systematic rhythm between each correct recording.

For the basis of our project, we are getting closer to where we are going within the outcome.
We wavered quite a lot during the process of this project but it’s becoming a lot more clearer now with this vital recording.