The Fourth Meeting


Just the week before, we had a discussion as to how we will develop the research further.
Firstly getting permission from someone to see if they will allow us to gain information from them for the project, different kinds of depression within youth in general and slightly related to the painting was looking into the theme of monochrome, deriving from the painting.

Our group felt we were not progressing as fast and felt that it was hard many a time to gather everyone together through social media messenger. Sometimes, people would have other priorities as well that are as important to the work at hand as to what they’re doing away from the work so it is difficult in that aspect to gather everyone.

In terms of where we are approaching with the project, we seem to be wavering now about where we want to go.
One of the points near the start was how we didn’t feel like doing something in terms of depression as this is our first project and leaving it at such a note like that is rather upsetting as well but it seems with the direction we’re going in terms of research within the painting along with advice given to us by our tutors on the tutorial, we seem to be headed towards that route.

That question was raised again and it seems we are derailing from depression and edging towards taking a different approach on the painting ‘Morning’.


One of the factors we decided to keep the same was the element of having no people in the visuals and just using light; this was one of the main reasons everyone in the group was drawn to the initial painting.
Other aspects we could look into further would be on why Procter decided to paint women within her works…
But one of the things we picked up on was how on a different interpretation of the painting (seen near the end of the linked post under “Contrasting Opinions…”), the impression was more soft than the usual dark analysis most people gave.
Further questions like “Why are we even doing light in the first place?” and “What we want to convey about the piece?” needs to be answered as well.
A main thing highlighted that someone brought up was “What does morning mean?”
This could relate to an idea suggested through using telephone calls in asking the question to make interesting visuals to compliment the audio of the calls.


We decided to ask each other the question and grabbed a few words of highlight that seem to form an overall understanding of the term “Morning” in a metaphorically subconscious sense.
Encounters; Potential; Feeling Better from Yesterday; and Routine were some key words that may form the basis of the new route.
Although this piece of primary research was looked into through members of the group, we could also open this question up to many others and ask what their take on the morning is.


So far, we have this working blog and some research thus far.
In terms of the idea and theme, we seem to still be wavering on that aspect so it would be wise to hurry up on deciding it as the next tutorial is getting closer by the days…
At some point, a brief questionnaire needs to be made to ask the question of “What does morning mean to you?”