The Critical Fifth Meeting

A day after the last meeting, we decided to meet up again and discuss further as to the new direction of the route.
In the end, we thought it was a reckless idea to change route with where our project goes as we are literally more than halfway through the project and we already have quite a bit of research on the theme of depression so it is kind of a waste.

Unfortunately leaving it pretty late into the project, the person in question who we gained permission from will be leaving on Monday so we need to act quick if we were to use them.


Within our main plan, we seem to be very stuck on using the person we got permission from to use as a starting point to the project.
But for in case they were to decide not to cooperate with us, a backup plan needs to be placed…
So far, there is an idea of using audio clips to do with depression and doing some sort of overlapping with them in the piece but currently, that is to be determined.
The outcome could have a Q+A styled feeling to it but having just a person in it answering questions seems a bit boring so having just the audio of the conversation, which can be edited as well, with different visuals to do with experimentation on light would make a very interesting piece.
An interview will need to be sorted out real quick as well if we will use this as the main basis for our project so things such as kit and timing needs to be commenced with haste.
Upon asking the person again at hand to see if they are really up for it, they wholly agree to this. As they are currently getting out of this depression of theirs, sometimes it may be helpful to even explain the problems they hold in order to identify problems they have and how they can resolve them.
As it is a personal issue, some members have been sceptical about proceeding with this as if this was in their shoes, they may not want to think about doing an interview.
But as this person is resting here to freshen their mind to properly go back into the battlefield, maybe this interview may also help them to summarise what they need to do in order to head back to the war zone.

Other than that, using the email created to represent this group of ours, we made an account on web designer Weebly to form the basis of our website!
Within a simple checklist of what menu items we need, there is:

  • Home
  • About
  • Video (to be further discussed whether we have it on the home page or not)
  • Blog
  • Evaluation (to be further discussed whether it’ll be on the website or on the blog)

The website can be looked into updating later but the important focal point is to keep doing more research with pace as fear rises within the group in that the tutors may not like the fact we don’t have as much and we’ve wasted our time on nothing.