Top Ten Issues Today’s Youths Are Facing

With the advent of the 21st century, society is beginning to realize that young people are facing many problems. Some of these problems are well known, people are working together to solve them. Some problems are new because life is becoming fast-paced. The following are ten of the top issues young people face today:

10. Single Parent Households

Since the 1950s, the number of single-parent families has continued to grow. Today, 14 million single parents support more than 28 million single children. It is rough for two people to raise a child when there is an economic downturn. Single-parent families seem to have less income, which means that their chances of being educated are squeezed. In order to earn more money, single parents have to leave their children therefore spend less time with them. With less parents’ educating and guiding, children are more likely to drop out of school, more prone to unhealthy sex, early pregnancy, drugs, and alcohol.

9. Drug/Alcohol Abuse

There was a time where almost every actor in film had a cigarette in their hands. Young people will have such a feeling: “Smoking is simply cool”. Therefore, everyone starts smoking, including teenagers. However, with people’s understanding of the danger of smoking, smoking has become less popular. However, people’s awareness of alcohol and drugs is clearly not synchronized with the smoke. This is in fact the sins of the mass media. Drinking and drugs is a cool thing being promoted. 21% of high school students say they have done drugs and 41% of them drank alcohol. Immersed in their own world, they cannot extricate themselves from it. Immature behaviour is everywhere, such as drink driving, poor grades and attendance, anti-socialism, violence, and so forth.

8. Growing up too Fast

In the past, children can find fun in being a child. Now, young children are beginning to act like an adult, resulting in unimaginable consequences. Like alcohol and drugs, sex is becoming a trend. Films, television, and the Internet, sexual content is everywhere. In fact, the most typical is a television program titled “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “Teen Mom”. Many kids aged 10/11 already have sexual experiences. A substantial increase of teenage pregnancy ceases to continue the so-called “childhood” from existing.

7. Violence in Schools

We believe that schools should be a paradise away from violence. However, this is not the case. In many cases, the school has become a violent zone, especially within lower-income areas of developed areas, where violence is not a child’s bullying but with real shooting, knives, and even suicide. The process of growing up has been enough to make youth feel bad and now they have to worry about going home from classes.

6. Materialism

In today’s society, materialism is advocated. This view has been passed to children. Children are told, “Success and happiness depends on how much you have.” Children are born materialistic. When their friends have something, he or she will want to get the same thing. In general, as long as the price is affordable, requirements are met for the children. However, this is totally bad for educating children.

5. Obesity

The number of obese children is large and is growing fast. Games, television, the Internet, and fast food as a whole are a part of the reason. Children spend time in front of the TV and computer screen, never going outside or exercising. This sedentary lifestyle is harmful. Obese children are often ridiculed by their peers. This is not new, it is sad, but it is a bloody reality. Slowly, children start to hate themselves because of this. In addition, the health of children is worrying where obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and a series of closely linked diseases occur at such an age.

4. Education Disparity

No one will question the importance of education. Children who have lower level of education are likely to have less opportunity than children who have a higher level of education. It is regrettable that education can be described as uneven. Education is strictly separated from race and economy. If you are from poor areas or ethnic minorities, it is very likely that your school’s facilities are very poor. Asians and whites have a high probability of completing their studies, while African Americans and Latinos are far behind. It is not surprising that uneducated people are less restrictive in their work, but the latter two are also the highest crime rate of the group.

3. Shifting Economy

Young people don’t only have low wages but the salary also has little room to increase. The competition of promotion is intense. In the past, high school graduates can work in the nearest factory, earn lots of money, and have a good life. They do not need to hold a college diploma to survive. However, today’s youth are holding degree certifications, but still find it hard to find a job.

2. Poverty

The greatest threat to children’s development is poverty. Poverty stops children from learning and causes bad behaviour, which causes a series of social problems. If society is not that materialistic and all children are equal, children will not go to ridicule peers, school violence will be reduced, and all major problems no longer exist.

1. Erosion of National Pride/Identity

When people say “I”, not “we”, we will not feel pain for the country’s children. When some people say that children receive educational lag, we will not feel embarrassed. This is the lack of collectivism, which is the result of the poor education of young people.

Within this sort of research, we thought it would be good to relate the route of depression into this post by looking at some of the major reasons that the youth of today go through on a day to day basis as within Procter’s work, it occurred during a time where the digital ages aren’t as advanced as today.
In terms of contemporary art, relation towards the present day is something that should be made hence why sites including such lists as these are included.

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