The Third Meeting


Through desperate measures in how we didn’t manage to meet up much, we decided to meet up straight after one of the seminars we attended on a Tuesday.

In order for our ideas to further develop, we decided to raise up some points that derived from the sheet given to us by our tutor along with the pointers from the tutorial.
Upon discussing ideas further, we felt that we seemed to be routing more towards the track of where depression lies.
For some reason, with all the current research looked into thus far, it would be valid to say that we were on track towards a depression-themed short moving piece.


A lot of the research handed out towards each person catered towards some that looked into depression more.
Last time, the technique within lighting was looked into so this time, audio will be looked into as something to contemplate within the direction of our piece.
There is also more of a look into the painting as well within context and one of the main attributes to the piece, which is minimalism.
Upon being asked if there is anyone close who also happens to suffer from depression, one person in the group actually happens to have a sibling with slight depression at the moment with family reasons. A further look into that will be apparent as well in whether it could make a basis for a further idea into our project but firstly, we need their permission to see if it is acceptable for their use within our project. Sometimes, it is easier to gain ideas from the things in front of use so the fact this is happening right now is like this phrase at action, “Everything happens for a reason.”
As this person is currently also staying at the campus with their sibling for two weeks to get away from all the drama, it may come in handy to the project if permission is permitted…