Summary of First Week

After our first initial meeting as a group, we came up with ideas from a trip we went to at the Tate Modern.

With our piece being Dod Procter’s Morning,  we had a tutorial about what we had done since the start.



After pitching our ideas and research to our tutor, it was suggested that we were progressing too fast with our work and that we shouldn’t focus so much on the ideas and to focus more on the research at hand.

Since the tutorial, we have had conversations between each other via social media in regards to where we go next. Following from what our tutor explained in the development of our work, we were suggested to look into different youth groups and support groups into mourning through people affected by death and grief.
Through some of the different ideas our tutor suggested, one of the suggestions lied within telephone calls and using it as a basis within using audio samples and video clips that reflect the dialogue.

Within our group, we should research more into where we are going next before we make vital moves such as calling these groups in case our ideas change in the future.
For now, we plan to further our research within the piece of the work in different aspects such as genre and to think about looking into these youth groups more. However; we feel the subject matter may be too dark and cliché so we want to try and steer away from this.