The Second Meeting


The day after our first discussion, we decided to meet up again and discuss more about where we will go with this project as a whole.
One of the important things we thought would be good to start up was this blogging space to document our work.
Other than that, the next important thing was the research and we started off researching about the piece in different directions.
Having been slightly confused as to how the blog works as well, we decided to give research tasks to each other that relate to the painting at hand as well as miscellaneous research that is inspired from our ideas derived from the painting.

But as of the whereabouts in where the progress of our ideas lie, they are currently still shrouded in a light mist as we wonder still as to how we could create a moving image piece that experiments light as it is a pretty broad topic.
Someone brought up the fact that maybe it is actually inevitable that we have human subjects as a part of the moving image piece as well. They don’t need to play a major role but could also be a minor factor as well…
In addition to the point raised the day before, the morning to morning cycle idea seems to be favored quite a bit in today’s discussion so maybe we are heading more towards that route.