The First Meeting


On that Tuesday, we went to the Tate Modern to look around and find pieces that inspired us to fulfill the question of “What is Contemporary Media Practice?” through a short moving image piece.


On the Wednesday of when we had a 3D workshop, we decided to meet up as a group to discuss what piece of artwork we were going to use as the basis for our first project.
There were quite a few pieces raised by the group and one of the seemingly popular ones was René Magritte’s ‘Man with a Newspaper’.

But in the end, our group was more keen on…


Dod Procter’s ‘Morning’.
It was the simplicity that piked all of our interests when we saw it on display at the gallery. There was also a mention within the description that intrigued us as well in that it “utilis(es) the fall of light across the figures to give a powerful sense of volume.”

Further discussion was put forward to this piece but not much progress on our thoughts on how to put the act of experimental lighting into a moving image piece was made.
Picturing how we will interpret lighting is fairly hard to put into stone as this theme is fairly open but for now, we had decided that we didn’t want a piece to utilise humans as the subject to the video and wanted the outcome to focus less on people.
We had also gotten an idea from the title of this painting in which we could do a cycle between morning to morning but that will wait until further progression is made.